Helping you deliver compliance through technology

Whether you are a service provider or managing your own compliance

ZetaSafe can help you meet compliance obligations – keeping your people and buildings safe and secure

Reduce incidents

Do you want to reduce estates-related accidents and complaints?

Identify trends

Struggling to spot trends and risks on spreadsheets and paper records?

Reduce risk

Do your current systems create a risk of regulatory non-compliance?

Save time

Is proving compliance for audits a laborious, manual and time-consuming task?

The benefits you will enjoy

Improve performance

Track and manage compliance obligations with ease and accuracy. Increased control of data, costs, labour and processes.

Peace of mind

Robust audit trail and visible reassurance that all required monitoring has been completed on time.

KPIs and trends

Real-time visibility of data, KPIs and trends. Auto escalation of non-compliances enables proactive and rapid management of failures or defects.

Manage all compliance

HSG274, HTMs, (HTM 04:01), the RRO Fire Safety 2005 and SFG20.

Water Safety / Legionella

Fire Safety

Emergency Lighting

Lifts & Lifting

Gas & Electrical

Security Checks

Lab QA

Routine Checking

Custom Solutions

Here’s how we help you deliver compliance


Book Demo to find out how ZetaSafe really works. Scan barcodes, add compliance data, see trends and reports!


Work collaboratively with you to assess your compliance management processes and configure ZetaSafe to ensure compliance


We will provide the knowledge, process and people to implement ZetaSafe quickly, provide training and ongoing support

Helping over 1000 organisations keep people safe and secure for 20 years

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